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Show Notes

April 6, 2021

Opening Monologue


John is going to be visiting his brother, Andy’s filling in, and a

Note from Dan’s Sister:
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In & Out Burgers New one announced in the Thorton area.  this chain must be seeing Colorado as a great market due to all of the people moving in from CA.  There are secret things on the menu. 

More in the MBL moving the All-Star game, Corporate Tyranny, False CO unemployment claims over $500 million dollars lost in the system.

MBL moving the All-Star game

MLB All-Star Game Coming to Denver because of Georgia’s new voting laws. Charlie made the comment that this will change CO voting laws. John commented that sports should stay out of politics.  Mobile users begin at 15:17. 

Joined The Conversation

Kevin from Lakewood called in and said all this is about HR1.  and said he quit watching sports due to how political they are. Mobile users begin at 17:23

Craig from WheatRidge commented with sympathies for John and his family. Talked about how giddy Polis and Hancock are about getting the game in Colorado. Made the comment about how fast they were able to get the game to come to Colorado.  Related article hereMobile users begin at 20:18

John from Louisville made the statement formerly a Red Sox fan and commented about how horrible this is. Mobile users begin at 24:04

Stop Corporate Tyranny

James Bowers from Stop Corporate Tyranny A coalition concerned with the increasing dictates of ‘woke’ capital and cancel culture announced that they are launching a new website dedicated to exposing the threat of corporate tyranny. StopCorporateTyranny.org is a one-stop-shop that will reveal the Left’s takeover of corporate America and provide resources for hard-working Americans to fight back and protect themselves and their values from corporate elites who are putting their thumbs on the scale with their powers.  Recommended Book:  The Dictatorship of Woke Capital: How Political Correctness Captured Big Business  Complete Interview with John here. Mobile users begin at 27:55

Joined The Conversation

Parker in Golden called in “back in school we learned about the theory of the vocal minority and the need to label things. Brought up, Ken Fraizer and Gov Kemp.  Mobile users begin at 43:41

Charles Barkley former professional basketball player who is an analyst on Inside the NBA, on how the political class divides America. John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 46:53

Blog Post Categories

Colorado’s UI Identity-Verification System

Haywood Talcove, CEO of LexisNexis Risk Solutions, Government Group joined John to talk about the many glitches and friction points in Colorado’s new identity-verification system for its unemployment insurance program.  this was a sole-source contract that wasn’t open to competitive bidding – are now coming to fruition, creating backlogged claims and slowing down the process for legitimate claimants who desperately need the money to survive. Colorado’s UI identity verification system has over 50 different “fraud” indicators, which have led countless claims to be accidentally flagged as fraudulent and subject to holds and delays. Then, when people try to call the support phone number, hold times can be as long as four hours. Imagine if when you go to withdraw funds from your bank, they mistake you as a fraudster and lock you out of your account for days or weeks, sometimes even months. Then, when you complain, they justify it by saying they’re trying to prevent fraud. The level of ineptitude and poor decision-making that led to Colorado’s rampant fraud problems and haphazard solutions to those problems cannot be understated.

Joined the Conversation

Jersey Joe called in about his Colorado unemployment claim that got mailed to him in New Jersey. Mobile users begin at 20:17 A texter asked the question, “with all of the fraud across the country” there are guessing that the unemployment is really 4%.  Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Mobile users begin at 20:17

MLB Moves All-Star Game To Colorado

Jennifer Kerns is the host of the new nationally syndicated show, “All-American Radio with Jennifer Kerns” And publisher of AllAmericanNews.com.  Democrats attempted a trick “bunt” hit play against Republicans in an attempt to boycott the state of Georgia over their voting rights reform and new voter ID requirements. Article here. The full interview with John here on how corporations and Major League Ball clubs are losing their customer base.  Mobile users begin at 30:29

Related Article: MLB and Legal Protection 

The Way God Made You

Rachel Lavine from HHS Transgender Drugs, Surgeries for Minors ‘Health Equity Issue’ article here. Lavine does not see this as a political issue but Levine and the Biden Adminstarion keep politicizing this. John’s comments

Shaun King

John Zmirak wrote about Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King and his Christian-Face Minstrel Show and how Progressive, leftist, “Woke” Christianity is worse than atheism or paganism.  Listen to the interview here with John.

Representative Patrick Neville

Click here for the full interview. Mobile users begin at 9:20

Big thank you to Patrick from John for what he is doing because he does what he says he is going to do.

Patrick’s comments on proposed bill SB-21-182. “It’s a horrendous bill.”  “The bill prohibits law enforcement officers from arresting students, or issuing a summons, ticket, or notice requiring the appearance of a student in court or at a police station for certain offenses and conduct.” Is guessing this bill is written by the Black Lives Matter crowd so their answer is to get rid of criminal activity. John, this bill is getting rid of any form of discipline in the schools. Email the legislators to tell them this is a bad bill. Better chance to stop in the Senate than the House.

The lost and Stolen Bill. if your weapon is stolen and you do not report it, you are a criminal but anyone can report it. Do not need to admit it is your gun. Trying to keep people from people being prosecuted under the safe storage law. Related article here. John sees this as a pathway to a gun registry.  Related article here.

Interview Continues. Mobile users begin at 25:45  

Public Health Option HB21-1232 allows for the state to set up a health insurance program where the commissioner can set prices. Set close to Medicare or Medicaid reimbursement plans. Most doctors lose money on these plans so the doctors will end up leaving the state.  It keeps getting moved on the calendar but worried but negotiating on amendments.  This will lead to socialized medicine because no one will be able to compete with it.

Foreclosure Bill – in regards to HOA fees If you default on your homeowners’ association payments in Colorado, the HOA may foreclose.

Office of Information and Technology HB 21-1236 is where no one really reports to anyone. This was supposed to create efficiencies but has done the opposite. Related article here.

Continued on with Colorado’s unemployment fraud, the MLB All-Star game, How the new GA voting bill is very similar to Colorado’s, and how Covid will be over just in time for MLB All-Star week.

Vaccine Passports

They are an app with a code. The Biden administration won’t require Americans to have a vaccine passport.  John’s comments here. Mobile users begin at 44:17