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Show Notes

April 5, 2021

Hour 1 SoundCloud


No Corporate Tax Liability

John dives into a Washinton Post article on Corporate taxes.  Mobile Users begin at 4:28


Joined The Conversation

Mike called in about the changes to the mask mandate.  John talks about how Biden and others are trying to keep it and how it is dividing the country. Related article from 2020.   Mobile Users begin at 8:13

Caller asked John about his comments on proposed bill SB-21-182.   “The bill prohibits law enforcement officers from arresting students, or issuing a summons, ticket, or notice requiring the appearance of a student in court or at a police station for certain offenses and conduct.” 

Ken called in about his trip to Mexico flying on United Airlines and their mask policies.


Planning for your Future

John talked about the founder of Zappos, his tragic death, and how he did not leave a will, and the struggles his family is going through.

Forbes article, ” When the business icon died in a fire last week, questions abounded. The answers seem rooted in a Covid-period spiral, where he turned to drugs and shunned old friends.”

Make your appointment with Michael Bailey for your estate planning.  Mobile users begin at 26:33


Big Companies Pay No Federal Income Tax.

John explains “loopholes” and covers the NY Post article, “Firms that Paid no Income Tax”   Recording of TikTok Video.  Mobile users begin at 31:44  


A Good Shop

Al from a Good Shop joined john and when over changes in the auto industry due to covid and especially with the chip shortage.  Click mobile estimate tab Mobile users begin at 43:53


Blog Post Categories

Biden’s Infrastructure Bill

Sarah Anderson Director of Policy at FreedomWorks said: “There is a consensus that infrastructure needs repair, but this bill is nothing more than another leftist wish list with a price tag we simply cannot afford. And the Democrats know it! They’ve signaled they want to try and pass the bill piecemeal (one for infrastructure and one for economic policies) as they could never get Republican support for all of this in one bill.” Full interview with John here.  Related article here

John continued with the infrastructure bill and how it is a pork spending bill. very little of it goes towards the infrastructure. It’s a pork spending bill.

Mississippi Governor

The Hill article, “GOP governor: Infrastructure proposal looks more like the Green New Deal”.  John’s comments. Mobile users begin at 15:47

Joined the Conversation

Jersey Joe called in about the misunderstanding that raising the tax rate will increase the tax revenue. Talked about how racist it is to buy a finishing license.

Related PragerU video on the tax rate.

Richard Rush

Richard commented about what Democrats like to do but no one wants to admit it.  Maco Rubio’s letter to the MBL, “Rubio to MLB commissioner Manfred: Drop your Augusta golf membership, too?”  Article on United Airlines with the GA voting laws.  We all have IDs and if you don’t have the money you can get a free ID. Mobile Users begin at 30:44

A Vaccine Pass

New York’s Excelsior Pass. Private venues may require personal covid documentation. NY Met’s guidelines. How the government and big corporations are gaining more control and taking our freedoms.  John and Richard hash it out.  Mobile Users begin at 40:52

Monday Mortage Minute

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage, Shoratgage of homes bidding wars. Get pre-approved. And agents want more info on the buyers. Differences of those approvals. Prequailied pre-approval comes with DOC. go through DE (Designated Underwriter.) Looking for the actual underwritten approval. Good for 90 days and it’s like cash (as long as your financials don’t change.)  Listen here.

Abused Men’s Stories are Untold

Why are Men Being Treated As 2nd Class Citizens? Hampton Conway III, is the Executive Director of the Movement Ministries, a father of ten, an educator with over 20 years of experience.  Drawing from his own experience as a battered husband and as a father of 10 children who also endured abuse, Hampton is passionate about empowering others to effectively deal with all forms of domestic violence.  The full interview with John here

Snow Tires

Keep them on at least until April 15th.

Grey Swans

Chuck Bentley – CEO of the largest financial ministry in the world, Crown Financial, joined John to talk about his book and Universal Basic Income (UBI) and how it robs people of their dignity and how it is not biblical. . Find Chuck’s book “Grey Swans.”  A gray swan is a term used to describe a potentially very significant event that is considered unlikely to happen but is still possible.   Catch the full interview here about the importance of cash, Modern Monetary Theory, and much more. Mobile users begin at 23:43

Rand Paul: Modern Monetary Theory

Equal Pay

John’s closing remarks about being rewarded for the value you bring to the table. Mobile users begin at 46:58