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April 2, 2021

Good Friday

John and Andy’s opening commentary, Rockefeller,  “Nothing has lifted more people out of poverty and also saved more forests than oil” – Andy Peth

Very narrow window to tie reopening to vaccination status… What’s the carrot going to be to get the nation to reopen? Summary from Andy, “Shut everything down so people will want our product.”  This is not a pandemic, John.  Listen to all of it in context here. Mobile users begin at 7:06

John and Andy dive into, “Was Jesus’ death really on a Wednesday or a Friday?” And talk about how debating the minutiae of Christianity turns people away and is unnecessary.   Mobile users being at 11:21

Andy thanked God for many things except for people who are terrified of going to events.  Washington Post Poll.  And John was right about the masks.  What Monkeys can teach us about human behavior and fear.  How people can be trained to live in fear.  Mobile users begin at 14:57


Movie Review

Godzilla Vs. Kong

Andy scores it on a scale of 1 to 5

Quality 2.5
Political 2.0
Moral 3.0

Mobile users begin at 28:45

John went and saw “Nobody” the movie review from last week and here are his comments. Mobile users begin at 43:30

Blog Post Categories

Movie Rental Reviews

Movies that have religion in them. John, Andy, and Richard comment. Mobile users begin at 6:14

Joseph – King of Dreams
History of the World 
Book of Eli
I can only Imagine
Soul Surfer
The Prince of Egypt
Sister Act
Van Helsing
African King
Defending you Life
Sound of Music
Fiddler on the Roof
The Star
Star Wars
The Matrix
Bruce Almighty
The Shack
Life of Brian
Chariots of Fire
Exodus God’s and Kings
10 Commandments
Oh God
The Omen
Ben Hur
Facing the Giants
Heaven is for Real
Left Behind
God’s not Dead
The Passion of the Christ
The Greatest Story Ever Told
Left Behind
Son of God
When the Game Stands Tall
The Bible – Miniseries

Joined the Conversation.

Michael called in for Remember the Titans and Avatar. Andy Mentioned the movie Glory which is about the U.S. Civil War’s first all-black volunteer company, fighting prejudices from both his own Union Army and the…


Mike from Aurora brought up the Ten Commandments were filmed in Technicolor and things that should be scary and may not really be. Vicky from Black Forst brought up the movie Oh God.

People Complaining

People move into an area and then complain about the things that either get built around them then complain about what is around them. Do your Due Diligence before buying a home. Colorado Sun article on the Erie neighborhood.

Nextdoor App John talked about what he has discovered in his neighborhood. People are upset about the road apples that the horses are leaving.  John has more on the Karens and NIMBY which is an acronym for “Not In My Backyard.”

Joined the Conversation

Josh called in about the Broomfield area are complaining about the airport noise and Bandimere Speedway. New development of NE corner of the landfill by the airport. Mobile users begin at 6:38

Coors Beer

John talked about how Golden is home to Coors beer and now people are complaining about the smell of the brewery.  The city relies on those employers.  Mobile users begin at 9:30

Joined The Conversation

David called in and said thank goodness for Good Friday.  And did a Karen impression complaining about a landowner selling their land in Berthoud, CO.  Mobile users begin at 13:04

Paul in Denver commented about DIA. They moved Stapelton airport to DIA.  and how DIA paid people not to sue them and use the money to improve the home to help deter the sound. Mobile users begin at 20:01

How Development Works in Colorado

John tells you how to find out what might be built next to you. The majority of cities or county has a Master Development Plan or Master Plan.  John and Andy continue on with more stories about NIMBY.  Sample on how to prepare your city’s master plan. Mobile users begin at 26:05

Joined the Conversation

Steven in Northland called in about the Erie oil and gas location that seems to be controversial. It’s gold-plated in the fact it has so many safety systems. John and Andy comment as well.  The biased article against Erie Oil and GAs with the kids running on a wall outside with masks on.  Mobile users begin at 42:19


John and Andy commented about the MLB and they’re pulling out of Georgia due to the new voting laws.  Mobile users begin at 46:36




April 2, 2021
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