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Show Notes

March 22, 2021


SoundCloud Hour 1

Loosening Covid Restrictions

The “Dial 3.0” comes as an increasing number of Coloradans are receiving doses of a coronavirus vaccine. Nearly 80% of people 70 and older have been fully vaccinated. The age bracket has made up 38% of the state’s coronavirus hospitalizations. John recaps. Mobile users begin at 3:26  In Minnesota Governor loses court battle and all restrictions removed from churches.

Craig from Wheat Ridge and Mike from Aurora join the conversation about the Health Department’s PSA’s on covid, the forever moving goalposts, mandated vaccinations, and mask-wearing, and how this was never about health. Listen hereMobile users begin at 14:59

60% of Americans think the chances somebody with Covid must be hospitalized are ~10x higher than they actually are 

IBM And Digital Passports 

IBM and Moderna have teamed up to produce COVID-19 digital health passes to allow people to “return to the activities and things they love.” New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced the Excelsior Pass, built on IBM’s Digital Health Pass, during his January 2021 state of the state address.  Article here.

Crisis on the Border

Jarrett Stepman joins John and points out the hypocrisy of the Biden Administration with the border crisis, covid, and US Citizens. Jarrett and explains how the crisis on our southern border is being hidden. Mobile users begin at 32:40

SoundCloud Hour 2

How to Boost Your Financial Health

Sarah Holden- The Investment Company Institute shares Pandemic Year Tax Tips.  She is the Senior Director, Retirement and Investor Research for the Investment Company Institute (ICI).  After a tough financial year from the pandemic, here is a great interview about how to save on your taxes and use that stimulus check to boost your financial health long-term.

A proposed 2022 ballot initiative would revamp the code on animal cruelty 

The proposed ballot measure would expand the definition of sex acts with animals and require that hogs, cattle, chickens and other farm animals get to live 25% of their natural lifespan. – The Colorado Sun reports. Listen to John’s commentary. Mobile users begin at 15:26

Colorado Sports Update

With Richard Rush.  Listen to the interview here. Mobile users begin at 32:11

Vehicle Reviews

Toyota largest car manufacture in the world will not be going all-electric because the infrastructure cannot handle it. Listen here. Mobile users begin at 40:40

2021 Lexus NX3001 and the Toyota Rav 4. Richard goes over the highlights.

SoundCloud Hour 3

Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers with AIM talked about the investment property changes with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Find Kurt At (720) 895-0500 or on the Web.

Eggs? Yes, Please!

Olivia Nichols from NestFresh Eggs joined John and cracked open some myths about eggs. They are actually quite healthy! Follow NestFresh on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook @NestFreshEggs. Mobile users begin at 9:01

Health Care Costs

Frank Knapp Jr. Co-chair of Small Business for America’s Future (SBAF) and President & CEO, SC Small Business Chamber of Commerce joined John and talked about a survey that found most small business owners (55%) named the cost of providing health insurance to their employees as the biggest challenge small business owners face, topping even the number who said Covid-19 was a top challenge. John and Frank also dive into why big corporations love regulations. Mobile users begin at 24:52


They’re changing the game. Here are John’s comments and the article.