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March 22

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

National Goof Off Day / Comments: Jimmy Carter and Habitat for Humanity
The Disney Purge / Comments
Florida Law on Transgenderism / Comments
Why are we Teaching SEX in Schools? / Comments
Walt Dinsey Continued & The Companies They Own.  / Comments
Rush To Reason on My Hope Now.
Business Advice from John
It used to be the Right hated from preaching now it’s the hard Left / Comments
GM wokeness and its Future / Comments

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Hour 2 Topics

Chuck Bentley, CEO of Crown Financial / Book: Economic Evidence for God / Interview
Made a bad mistake?
Joel 2:25-26 KJV / Comments
Dave from Woodland Park called in about how God redeemed him.
Taking Care of the Money   
Jersey Joe called in about the new gas bill 

 Hour 3 Topics

Ukrainian Civilians Deported to Russia in Nazi-Like Purge
Follow-up comments on Russia and Ukraine 
Mike  called in about Putin, Zelensky, NATO, and what if Trump was president
Craig called in – if Trump was still president, Afghanistan, Ukraine, gas prices, and the Lefties
Bonehead Article on Evs / Comments  

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Hour 2 Show Notes

Taking Care of the Money

Tax Season, Building Wealth & The Bible, Car Buying

Part 2  

Tax season is upon us and one of the most common questions we get related to taxes is “what should I do with my refund?” Here are the five most common suggestions we provide to members: 

  • Build your cash cushion. 
  • Pay down credit card debt. 
  • Invest for the future. 
  • Only spend it if your financial foundation is solid. 
  • Review your withholdings. 

Mindset Change – how do wealthy people think? Don’t follow your emotions use logic. 

Never say we can’t afford this – instead, say – it’s not in our budget right now.

Text from Producer Anne, “One thing I’ve noticed. On average most wealthy people don’t accumulate things. You and Andy were talking about poor people who buy stuff. Stuff they don’t need. I think it’s their mindset. They accumulate a bunch of little things instead of saving up. Instant Gratification vs. Delayed Gratification.”

Hour 3 Show Notes

Ukrainian Civilians Deported to Russia in Nazi-Like Purge

Jared Knott – Author: Tiny Blunders/Big Disasters: Thirty-Nine Tiny Mistakes That Changed the World Forever.   


Zelensky Evokes Holocaust

Ukrainian Civilians Deported to Russia in Nazi-Like Purge…

BIO: Jared Knott has had numerous articles published in the Mensa Bulletin and in graduate school textbooks on subjects ranging from Supreme Court Reform to Arctic Exploration. He was a decorated combat infantry officer in Vietnam in the First Air Cavalry Division. In his civilian career, he has served as a vice president of sales + marketing and marketing director in the home improvement industry. A father of five, he lives in the Atlanta area with his wife, Kathryn. 


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March 22
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