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Show Notes

March 21, 2022

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

Amazon Prime Series: Reacher / Comments  
Colorado Parks New Pass System / Comments
John called in about the $1 bill impossible question & the US Senate passing daylight saving time bill.
Dave called in about the biking and hiking trails and use permits.
Woman of the Year  and Transgenderism / Comments   
Jarett Stepman: Big Tech Censorship and Hiding the Truth  
Extreme Auto / Interview on how to save on fuel costs

Hour 2 Topics

Kamala Speaks
Craig called in about the Huner Biden laptop and the press.
VP Dan Quayle and the spelling of Potato 
John from Cheyenne called in about Kamala in Poland & the 2022 Election
Richard Rush on Sports

 Hour 3 Topics

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage  /  Interview  
Question: Name a Sport Where a Woman Becoming a Man has the Advantage    Part 2   
Dan from Blackhawk called in about teenage swimmers and the 2022 Elections
Mickey called in about Biden’s appointee Sam Brinton  YouTube Video   
Your Personal Life – John’s Comments   

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Hour 1 Show Notes

Big Tech Censorship and Hiding the Truth

Jarrett Stepman – Daily Signal 


Bill Barr says Joe Biden lied to Americans about Hunter Biden laptop: ‘I was very disturbed’

New York Times scolded for handling of Hunter Biden laptop story

New York Times basically confirmed this story 2 years after the NY Post did. Big Tech censored reporting on this ahead of an election.  

This story is about far more than just the corruption of the Bidens. It’s about the corruption of institutions that now work in unison to apparently suppress the truth and amplify misinformation. 


March 21, 2022
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