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March 19, 2021


Hour One Soundcloud

Movie Review

Andy’s Review of The Marksman

Airforce One

Does it need an escalator? John and Andy discuss.

SoundCloud Hour 2

Rand Paul 1 ~ Fauci 0

John and Andy on Rand and Fauci 

“What studies do you have that people who have had the vaccine or had infection are spreading the infection? If we’re not spreading the infection isn’t it just theater? You’ve had the vaccine and you’re wearing 2 masks isn’t that theater?” Paul continued.  Fox News Article.

Extreme Auto Repair

Sean and John talk about vehicle hazards with the snow.  Ask about tire rebates up to $70 back.



What is one and are you one? John and Andy explain.

Movies About Luck

John, Andy, and Richard give us their favorites.

Soundcloud Hour 3

Heritage Immigration Tracker

The Heritage Foundation released a new immigration tracker documenting how the Biden administration has created a new border crisis by rapidly undoing or rolling back the effective immigration policies of the Trump administration. There is no question – the Biden administration has sparked a border crisis with its radical immigration agenda. This tracking document contrasts the common-sense, pro-enforcement approach of the Trump administration to the open-borders, minimal-enforcement approach of the Biden administration.

The tracker shows how the Biden administration has effectively ended, or moved to end, the vast majority of the previous administration’s policies – policies border experts across the board say were working. It will be updated as the administration makes more changes to immigration policy. “This administration has wasted no time creating a new border crisis, and what’s worse, it is a crisis that everyone warned would happen,” said Lora Ries, Heritage Foundation senior research fellow for homeland security and veteran of the Department of Homeland Security. “As this tracker shows with stark clarity, the Biden team has gutted America’s immigration system. “It has torn up carefully negotiated agreements with Central American partners and abandoned the effective ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy, which was vital in reducing fraudulent asylum claims. Internally, it has nearly eliminated ICE’s ability to deport those here illegally, even those suspected of horrific crimes.

The president has pledged not to build ‘another foot’ of border wall, despite Border Patrol agents saying that this type of security is critical in slowing the flow of illegal migration. The White House is fueling the COVID pandemic by encouraging mass illegal migration and releasing COVID-positive illegal aliens into our communities. This crisis is hurting Americans and making a joke of our laws – it is heartbreaking that the administration is so committed to this failed strategy.”

Listen to the interview with Lora Ries from the Heritage Foundation


John and Andy talked about several aspects of the Immigration system and were joined by many callers. Listen here.

And there is a crisis at the border.



March 19, 2021
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