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Show Notes

March 16, 2021



The Debt, Interest Rates, and Commerical Real Estate

An economic update with Jordan Goodman. Listen here.

  • Impact of the American Rescue Act on the economy and markets
  • Bitcoin still soaring and why that is.
  • Interest rates on the rise
  • Rise of the SPAC (Special Purpose Acquisition Company) and what that is all about
  • The surge of ID theft during the pandemic and what people can do to protect themselves against it


Covid Cases on the Decline in Texas


John’s comments on the numbers.

SoundCloud Hour 2

For the Politicians and the Bureaucrats Act

Christian Adams – Public Interest Legal Foundation joined John and Andy and spoke about H.R. 1 and why it looks appealing from its cover but is a complete overhaul of what we have today and destroys the Constitutional Republic that America is today. It nullifies the states and takes away the power of the states.  “Democracies always lead to bloodbaths.” – Christian Adams   Click here for the interview and Jeff called in about his Eastcoast Italian Gal and her car superstition.

Side Note: A republic if you can keep it

A fight over the word democracy in the State of Minnesota. The Democrats would not change the language from Democracy to a Constitutional Republic in a bill on the floor.  The democrats are working at all levels to change America into mob rule. MN Representative Cal Bahr (R) explains the difference and why words matter.  Here’s another video from the MN Legislature on this topic.


Protest at State GOP Headquarters

Weston called in to discuss Text to Vote vs. Paper Ballots


Matt Zajechowski of Potawatomi Hotel & Casino recently analyzed Google search volume for more than 200 different superstitions to find the most popular superstitions in every state across the country. They also surveyed over 1,000 Americans to learn more about their belief in superstitions. Here’s what they found: The most popular superstition in Colorado is Friday the 13th.  Listen Here.

The most popular superstitions in America:
1. Throwing salt over your shoulder
2. Bad luck comes in threes.
3. Lucky rabbit’s foot
4. Friday the 13th
5. Ladybugs being a sign of good luck.

65% of Americans are superstitious.
83% believe in good luck, 50% believe in bad luck.
37% of Americans believe Friday the 13th brings bad luck.
34% of Americans believe St. Patricks’ Day is a lucky day. Nearly double that amount (60%) say they wear green on St. Patrick’s Day.


SoundCloud Hour 3

Forward or Backward?

Do you back in when you park your car?  Does it have to do with thinking a head or something else?  Listen here.


Vaccine Passports

Bryan Del Monte is an aviation industry expert and former Director at the United States Department of Defense with expertise in government policy. Today he is President of The Aviation Agency.  The EU is moving forward with presenting a proposal for a vaccine passport this month. Other countries such as the US and UK may soon follow. While everyone worldwide is craving normalcy after a year of lockdowns, should it be done at costs beyond virus transmission. Listen to the interview.   Norm from Denver called in about his travels.


New Words Added to the Dictionary

John and Andy went over a few of them here and some of the words fell into Andy’s new category of “Stupid Speak.”

Jeff Tavss of KSTU, in his article,  “It appears that people can now mispronounce a word to such an extent that it will eventually appear in the dictionary.”


March 16, 2021
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