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Show Notes

March 15

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question  / Comments
Daylight Saving Time – Passed the Senate / Comments
EV- Very Misleading Article / Comments
Buggy to Car – Difference between this and Gas to EV Vehicles / Comments
John from Cheyenne called in about how the leftists want you to live
Craig called in about telling the poor to just be rich.
Bob called in about the first manufactured cars compared to now and DC charging stations
Dave from Woodland Park called in about what will replace the EV
Are EVs the Answer? 

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Hour 2 Topics

Larry Behrens: Power the Future / Biden’s Deflection and his Failed Policies
How the system works, public roads vs. private roads, railroads, and the weight of an EV
Bob called in: Put things in perspective: alternative power, Elon Musk, and the government
Things in perspective: On the Backs of Our Future
More Inflation Coming 

 Hour 3 Topics

Charging an EV and Nuclear Power
Saving Money on Trips and the Big Things of Life
Bob from Thorton called in about batteries/fast charge and when the power goes out
Craig called in about: “when do we see the brownouts?” And the quality of water
John from Cheyenne called in about how the utility companies gather data
Article: The Great Resignation / Comments
Don’t get emotional about where you live
John in Fort Collins called in about Starbucks striking / Article
Paul in Westminster called in about $29 Park Pass Fee / Article
Young workers and climbing the ladder

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Hour 2 Show Notes

Biden’s Deflection and his Failed Policies

Larry Behrens Power The Future


In his latest op-ed at the Daily Caller, energy expert and comms director for energy advocacy group Power the Future Larry Behrens explains why Biden’s deflection away from his failed policies isn’t working and how doing so ultimately exposes the hypocrisy of the White House’s green agenda.

More Inflation Coming

The Producer Price Index (PPI) outpaced the Consumer Price Index (CPI) in Feb.
The stupidity of Bernie and Elizabeth Warren
Why we need record profits
Colorado’s Economy
Producer Price Index

How to Combat Inflation


Mortgage – is it the best option for you? – Should you move?
Car Maintenance – do not buy a new car
Home Maintenance so that and put off major Home Improvements
Health – bad health = expense
Vacations – Staycations
Volume Buy – the right items
Save – in the right ways
Watch every expense 
Part 2 Comments

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