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March 8, 2021



Hour 1 SoundCloud

Susan Kochevar of 88 Drive in Theater co-hosted with Andy Peth.

Street Racing

About 600-800 vehicles were  involved in a street-racing gridlock between Colfax and Alameda avenues along southbound Interstate 225 Sunday night. Andy Peth’s commentary. Mobile users begin at 2:23

Colorado State GOP Chair Race

Casper Stockham running for the state party chair position and he also began America First Republicans.  Find out why he says, “No” to a GOP 3rd party by clicking here.  Casper’s interview with Andy. Mobile users begin at 12:49

Some Liberals Are Getting Sick of Cancel Culture

Jarrett Stepman wrote about a recent episode of “Real Time,” hosted Bill Maher.  Maher is very much a man of the left, and of course used some of his time to attack Republicans, but Maher also noted that cancel culture from the left is real, undeniable, and out of control. Jarrett also dives into the cancelling of Dr. Seuss with Andy. The interview can be found here* and read Jarrett’s full article hereMobile users begin at 28:22

Jarrett also authored the book  “The War on History: The Conspiracy to Rewrite America’s Past.”

Golden Eagle Financial

Is a Tax Free Retirement Possible? Find out here. Golden Eagle Financial is specializing in college & retirement planning, using strategies that reduce your EFC and minimize taxes & products that protect & grow your nest egg. Click here for the interview. Mobile users begin at 48:32

Hour 2 SoundCloud


University of Colorado – Boulder

BOULDER, CO (AP) – Violence and destruction broke out as officers worked to break up a party involving hundreds of people near the University of Colorado Boulder on Saturday, police said. Read full article here. The party made the news over in the UK. Click here for the commentary on Rush To Reason.

Lockdowns on Trial

Michael Betrus, author of “COVID-19: Lockdowns On Trial”  is based in Texas and has been featured in dozens of leading media outlets for his research expertise and commonsense advice on COVID-19. Click here for this must listen interview about Dr. Fauci and the ever changing CDC.

Men Opening Doors for Women

Andy and Susan mix it up a bit over the controversy. Listen hereMobile users start at 19:45


How will the NFL handle having much less money to spend on players this year? Richard Rush discusses the most unique offseason we’ve seen in decades! Click Here. Mobile users begin at 31:50. 

Hour 3 SoundCloud


Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers of Affordable Interest Mortgage on why listings are down in Downtown and the movement out to the suburbs. And touches on interest rates and inflation.  Here is the interview.

Cart Safe

After learning that 50% of carts carry E.Coli and about 72% carry coliform bacteria, Andi Barness-Rubin, mom of three, created Cart Safe, a shopping cart liner that fits over the entirety of the cart and helps product from harmful germs and other dangers. Click here for the interview. Mobile users begin at 22:37

Magenta Light Bulbs

Governor Polis demands magenta light bulbs days after demanding veggie burgers. Yes, that’s right. Coming from the man who doesn’t follow Denver politics.  Andy elaborates more on Colorado’s Governor and how he likes to lecture people: Click hereMobile users begin at 43:02


March 8, 2021
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