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March 4

Hour 1 Topics  

Impossible Question

Movie Reviews
Michael Baily: Mobile Estate Planner on Power of Attorney/ Interview

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Hour 1 Show Notes

Quality 1.5 

Political 3.0 

Moral 3.0 

Andy’s Review


Quality 1.0 

Political 0.0 

Moral 2.5 

Andy’s Review

Hour 2 Show Notes

Motivational Speaker

Yellowstone – John Dutton and the Tourists
Play at:58 

Jane you ignorant slut

Lost when Jack tells Kate they have to go back
Breaking Bad – I’m not in danger – I am the Danger
Ozymandias – breaking bad
Seinfeld – The Parking Garage – Kramer
American’s – the Colonel – Elizabeth gets shot
Better Call Saul – Chicanery – Chuck tries to get Jimmy (Saul) disbarred And Bagman when he and Mike are in the desert and shoot the cartel guys 

Yellowstone – Beth on Summer being Vegan
Play at 2:43 – 4:02 

Friday Night Lights – Pilot and Jason gets hit and ends his career
The Dentist from the Carol Burnett Show

Robin Williams and Jonathan Winters on Carson
play at 14:07 

Season 5 Episode 2 when Bobby is talking to the “rich” at the after gathering 

Schitt’s Creek 
Moira and David when she thought she killed someone

I Love Lucy 
When she is drunk from Vitameatavegamin 

WKRP Les Nessman and the Turkey Drop 


The muppets and the Swedish Chef and the scientists and beaker
Tim Conway – Elephant
I love Lucy
Johnny Carson – Carlin
The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

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March 4
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