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January 25

Impossible Question

Click here for the Impossible Question.

Living in a city of weaklings 

Closings & Delays


John Stockton 

NBA Icon John Stockton Ignores Cancelation, Says ‘100’ Athletes ‘Dropped Dead’ After Taking Vaccine. Article here


King Soopers

Mark Mix  – National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation

“According to news reports, the UFCW has struck against King Soopers grocery stores for over a week, impacting more than 8,000 employees. The Foundation’s legal notice informs these affected workers of the rights union officials often hide, including that the workers have the right to continue to work to support their families.” Full Press Release here


Unionization of Public Workers 

The King Soopers strike may be over, but the fight for worker’s rights is set to continue in the legislature. Article here and John and Andy explained why they were not in favor of this. 


King Soopers Contract 

Some union workers will see pay increases of more than $5 an hour. Votes in Colorado Springs, Pueblo, Grand Junction and Northern Colorado are expected in the next week. Article here



Exposing The Democrats

Vince Everett Ellison – Author

25 Lies: Exposing Democrats’ Most Dangerous, Seductive, Damnable, Destructive Lies and How to Refute Them. 

The explosive book tells bold and uncomfortable truths about the Democratic party—using historical facts, current events, and Biblical principles to build to a shocking conclusion.

Vince Ellison is America’s most fearless truth-teller. Agree or disagree with his thesis, open-minded readers must grapple with the persuasive power of his arguments, his mastery of facts, and his passionate love for mankind and our Creator.

As a young man, Ellison began his career in the belly of the beast—as a prison guard working in the worst cellblock imaginable—the one housing mass murderers, rapists, child molesters, and others who would never be released, and whose crimes would never be redeemed in this world.

Vince Ellison saw the face of evil up close. He knows it like few of us ever could.

Fire and Insurance 

“We’ll be underinsured to the tune of hundreds of thousands of dollars, and I think some of my neighbors who bought earlier are in even worse shape.” Article here.


For the Children? 

If it really was about the children then we’d be more concerned about this. US Debt Clock


Starting a Business in 2022?

Digital.com Survey Finds 43 Percent of Americans Plan to Start a Business in 2022 and One-Third are First Time Entrepreneurs 

Retail, finance, and information technology are among the most popular industries to start a new business this year.  To access the complete report, please visit: https://digital.com/2-in-5-americans-plan-on-starting-a-business-in-2022/



Digital.com reviews and compares the best products, services, and software for running or growing a small business website or online shop. The platform collects twitter comments and uses sentiment analysis to score companies and their products. Digital.com was founded in 2015 and was formerly known as Review Squirrel. To learn more, visit https://digital.com/