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January 17

Impossible Question

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Guess Who Has Covid?

“Now General Milley and the Marine Corps Commandant have Covid… …you know, those guys refusing nearly all religious exemptions and throwing hundreds of Marines out for not getting vaxxed.” – Andy Peth

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How Many Lies Did You Count?

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Joined the Conversation

John from Cheyenne called in about the used book store that went to a vinyl record shop. The cost of used cars is about a 30% increase. John is thinking 2024 when the car market will be more normal. 

Craig called in about Polis rescinding the 2 cents a gallon fee. China is made about the covid virus so the Olympics get it. 



The Supreme Court Rulings 

Jarrett Stepman – Daily Signal 

The overreach of the government by threatening business over the vaccine mandate. Using private business to accomplish what the government wants. Sound familiar? 

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American Liberty Mortgage

Bruce Simmons – Reverse Mortgages
(303) 513-2748 

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Bed Bath and Beyond

Bed Bath and Beyond has learned the truth of the phrase, “Go woke and go broke.” The liberal company will close 37 stores this year. The company canceled Mike Lindell and his popular MyPillow products. Article here

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The Great Resignation 

Mark Mills 

As a record number of workers quit their jobs in recent months, the economy has been undergoing what many have dubbed “The Great Resignation.” Author and tech expert, Mark Mills argues, “The epic shortage of workers, from services to manufacturing, with Boomers retiring faster than pre-Covid and Millennials resigning at record numbers will trigger the long-awaited rise of the robot worker”

Mark’s latest book, The Cloud Revolution: How the Convergence of New Technologies Will Unleash the Next Economic Boom and a Roaring 2020s

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Automotive Tip

You never know when your car will become your bed.

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Auto Industry Predictions

“Fortunately, car prices could return to normal sometime this year. In fact, money expert Clark Howard says the conditions will gradually improve throughout 2022.”  Full article here.

John explains why he thinks Clark Howard is off at least 1 year on both new and used and he might actually be off 2.

John’s reasons:

  1. New cars are still in short supply and I believe will continue to be. We still see labor shortages, chip problems, government forces of EV’s which will not sell like they all think they will. 
  1. Even when new car production comes back in full swing we have a 1-2 year backlog of the fleet, rental, and government orders that will need to be filled and as you know they get filled first in most cases – the retail customer is the last on the list with but a few exceptions
  1. The fleet is aging and people still need vehicles. When a major repair comes along and they ditch the old car they have to buy something to replace it. This still adds pressure to the used car market. 
  1. They do not have the chip problem sorted out yet – they say they do but just eliminating options on new cars is not the fix and in some cases will deter the new car buyer and keep them in their old car longer especially if it has more options (that work) than the new car they are looking at.
  1. We will see inflation continue which will also keep prices up and if a recession hits, the new car market will get hit first as it always does and keep the used car market up.


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Joined the Conversation

Jim called in about what is going on with fleet sales.

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Richard Rush 


The weekend upsets… were there any? Comments here.


Car Reviews

2022 Toyota Corolla – Hybrid

“With more than 50 million Toyota Corollas sold globally since its introduction in 1966, it seems everyone has a Corolla story. The 2022 Corolla sedan keeps the legend going, all with the dependability, fuel efficiency, safety, and value established by its heritage.” – Website here.

Listen to the review here.


Genesis GV70 

The first Genesis athletic urban midsize SUV to feature a uniquely athletic exterior design and a powerful stance while also meeting the practical needs of an SUV.  Website here.

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The Real Estate World and the Monday Mortgage Minute

Kurt Rogers with Affordable Interest Mortgage


Blue Collar Cash

Ken Rusk 

Wall St. Journal bestselling author Ken Rusk, whose book Blue Collar Cash: Love Your Work, Secure Your Future and Find Happiness for Life (Dey Street Books) demonstrates with real world examples that not only is the college path not the golden ticket to a successful and lucrative life it once was, but that a career in the professional trades can provide more economic opportunities right off the bat. 

Considering that 80% of students change their majors,  only 27% of graduates end up working in the field of their major, and that Americans hold 1.7 trillion dollars in student loan debt – it’s easy to see that a career as a skilled trades or craftsperson with an average salary of over $55,000 is beneficial both economically for young adults, and for the peace of mind of their parents. Add in the retirements of the Baby Boomers and the billions from the infrastructure bill, and it’s quite clear that the need and the money are there.