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Show Notes

January 10

Impossible Question

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Bob Saget Dead at 65

Article here.
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Medical Community Distrust 

@itstalkradiojoeI don’t understand why people are so confused about Covid and the vaccines…♬ original sound – Talkradiojoe

Just because there is a Dr. at the beginning or a Ph.D. at the end doesn’t mean … Comments here.

Joined the Conversation

John in Aurora called in about covid and having surgery. RALLY Stop The Mandate Comments here.  

The Failing Case for Covid Mandates.

Jarrett Stepman – Daily Signal  Jarrett wrote about this last week, but even members of the Biden admin are starting to admit that the vaccines can’t really stop transmission at this point:   “While there is some evidence that vaccines decrease the severity of COVID-19 infection, the public policy arguments to essentially force Americans to get vaccinated, under threat of losing their livelihoods is rapidly falling apart as the recent wave sweeps the country.” Full article here

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Absolute Electrical

Louis from Absolute Electrical.

Air purification and the health of your home.

January – UV light Included in the furnace

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King Soopers 

King Soopers union workers plan 3-week strike starting Wednesday at 87 Colorado grocery stores.  Article here
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Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA)

Patrick Hedger –  Executive Director of TPA  

Taxpayers Protection Alliance (TPA) is opposing David Weil as head of Department of Labor’s Wage and Hour Division (WHD) slamming Weil for promising to be a rubber stamp for labor union bosses, implementing policies that will hurt the economy and severely restrict employees and businesses.

“With the nation’s job numbers continuing to languish below expectations as the country recovers from the effects of economic lockdowns and restrictions, a nominee like David Weil is the last thing the economy needs. The last two years have redefined the bounds of a traditional workplace. Employers and individuals have needed added flexibility and freedom to keep workers employed and the economy moving. Nominees like David Weil stand diametrically opposed to that entrepreneurial spirit.” Patrick Hedger

Interview here.


The EV Movement

The current battery technology, Elon Musk, and other things you should know. 
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NFL Coaches Contracts and Cars

Richard Rush  

Broncos fire Fangio as head coach after three seasons. Article here

Hey NFL coaches and players, you’re in the entertainment industry. 

The old stadium

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Part 2 here


The TACO Truck

2022 Tacoma

Reliability – Fantastic Truck! Tried and True V6

Interview here



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