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Show Notes

January 4

John Rush host of Rush To Reason

 First Hour 

Guests and Articles

Shawn from Extreme Auto Repair Winter driving and destressing automotive care.  Interview 

Beth Linder-Moss, Best Selling Author of ‘Think Healthy, Be Healthy: Simple Strategies to Gain Confidence Through Fitness, Nutrition, and a Well-Balanced Lifestyle.’ talked with John about Body and Mind: The Benefits of Exercise. Interview 

Health and Wellness Educator Dr. Julie Gatza shares how to clean up your lifestyle after the holiday season with the Best New Year’s Resolution Ever – Kick The Sugar Habit! Dr. Julie shared her five tips to beat the habit. Interview
Healthy Yeast Management
800-827-7656 – use code RADIO 

Dr. Jan Patterson has been a practicing physician for 30 years and says it takes more than conventional medicine to treat conditions like stress, anxiety, depression, and grief. Dr. Patterson talked with John about The 4 Pillars of Self-Care for Stress, Anxiety, Depression, and Grief. Interview 

Why Do You Get Sick in the Winter? Blame Your Nose | WIRED  /  Comments

 Second Hour 

Guests and Articles

Richard Battle:  New Year’s Resolutions Good for Every Year. Richard spoke with John about how these resolution principles can be selected and complemented with specific goals. The list he shared in the interview is comprehensive enough to cover most objectives and general enough to utilize every year. Interview

Daniel Stuart Olmes, author of In Memoirs of an Ordinary Guy: The Everyday Experiences that Changed My Life In the spirit of that great 1994-2003 TV series, “Touched by An Angel”, Daniel was literally near death in his 20s. But spiritual clues and moments of affirmation led him to become the aerospace and defense exec he is today. Throughout his journey, chance interactions with ordinary people like himself helped him find his worth to live and love. In a world that is more discordant than harmonious, Daniel hopes his stories will inspire everyone to make a change. Interview

CDC Urges Certain Curriculum Article / Comments 

Governor Polis is re-bussing migrants arriving from Texas back out to other states, so why is it “cruel and inhumane” when Texas Governor Abbott does it but not when Governor Polis does it? Article / Comments 

 Third Hour 

Guests and Articles

John from Cheyenne called in about Lauren Boebert, and John commented on guests for the show and politicians.

The workings of Rush To Reason. Comments 

The other John from Cheyenne called in about the merger climate of businesses.

Craig called in about mergers and the consumer.

To the Listeners – Thank You! 

Died Suddenly This list of well over 300 athletes who “died suddenly” or had other sudden serious issues worldwide.  I have not vetted it, but for what it’s worth. Comments